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Welcome to Skippertalk

Post by ubo » Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:50 pm

Welcome to Skippertalk!

Welcome to Skippertalk, the forum for the volunteers who participate in Sound Toll Registers online (STR), a project of RUG and Tresoar. In this crowdsourcing project we enter the data of the early Sound Toll Registers, from the years 1497 to 1634. This forum is meant for discussing all kind of questions which arise while participating in this project, and sharing information. Subject like reading problems, 'what comes where', or other things you might find interesting, unclear, or undetermined in or about the STR or the documentation.
Various categories will be made, to structure the subjects, questions and answers.

Hope you will benefit from the forum and each other,

Ubo Kooijinga


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