dansk 6

Problems with reading the source can be put here (preferably with a picture of the source, and the scan information)
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dansk 6

Post by wilmab » Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:49 pm

Hi Mogens,
What has been written in the following text in rol 24_370 16 september Anders Andersen ?
dank je
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Re: dansk 6

Post by Mjensen » Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:58 am

Dear Wilma

Anders Andersen v. Lindt kom fran Stockholm med
thette effter(skrev)ne godz thillkom Her Anders Kutt wdi
Schwerige effter hanns obne pass bewiss som wor
18 lester suensch thiere 7 lester Ossmund 30 skippund
staal 12 skippund stange jern thilkom nu Borg(er)
wdi Stockholm Lucas Lami wed Naffn passerid
tholdfri gaff for 26 lester ballast vi+ daler

AA came... with
this hereafter written goods belonging to Mr. Anders Kutt in
Sweden according to his open passport which was.....
..... now belonging to a citizen
in Stockholm by name Lucas Lami passed
free of toll gave for 26 lests of ballast

How this change in ownership happened I don't know.
The passport (pass bewiss) from the authorities Stockholm shows one owner, but there must have been other papers that the owner now was Lucas Lami.


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