Data entry, how does it work?

The data entry is carried out by means of an ‘input module’. This special ‘input module’ has been developed for this project and can be accessed via the internet, at . After logging on into the input module, you will receive online a number of scans of pages of the Sound Toll Registers. Using the data entry screen, you can enter the relevant data from these scans.

Picture: data entry module

After having entered all relevant data, you will submit the data to so-called ‘controllers’, who will check the data. ‘Controllers’  are participants with sufficient expertise to examine the data. When accepted, the data will undergo some finishing proceedings and will be added to the STRO- database. After you have submitted your data, a new set of scans can be made available to you.

To participate you need a personal computer or a laptop with internet connection at home or elsewhere, for example in a library. Some knowledge of English is required, because communication will be in that language.
‘Controllers’ will need a large monitor (17 “) for their laptops or personal computers.

Closing symposium 'Ten years of Sonttol registers Online'

January 31, 2020

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