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The Data entry module & reading exercises

The Data entry documents

Handwriting, letters, numbers, currencies etc

Cargo and taxes

Place names in STR

Filmrole sections

Dictionaries & Vocabularies



Links, which open in a new window:

- The STRO database:

- Search for unit & products in the current STRO-database:

- List of products from the STR: (list of products.pdf)

- The scans of STRO: list of film roles & scans

- Comparing scans of STRO with scans of Danske Rigsarkivet:

- The (same) scans, per band, on Danske Rigsargivet-site: Øresundstoldregnskaber

- STR-Dansk, a list of frequently used words used in the STR: Dansk-STR

- Rutter, collection of maps from the coast of southwest France to Estonia for a journey through the Sound: Rutter

- Slot Kronborg in Helsingøer:

- Danish Argives:

Closing symposium 'Ten years of Sonttol registers Online'

January 31, 2020

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