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Sound Toll Registers Online conference 2014

Read conference report here

  • welcome by Maibritt Bager, Director of the Helsingør Municipality Museums
    opening of the conference by Henrik Møller, chairman of culture, municipality of Helsingør
  • Siem van de Woude, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.  The current state of STR-online
  • Jari Ojala, Jyväskylä, Finland, and Jari Eloranta, Boone, NC, USA. Tar Trek Revised – Linking STRO data to nineteenth and twenty century Finnish trade data.
  • George Welling, Groningen, The Netherlands. Where have all the sailors gone? The mystery of the disappeared ships in Sound Toll Registers Online.
  • Maartje A.B., Groningen/Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Commercial re-orientation and migration of Dutch Hanseatic merchants and shipmasters to Amsterdam, 1500-1700.
  • Jelle Jan Koopmans, Groningen, The Netherlands. The downfall of the Makkum transport shipping industry ( 1775 - 1825).
  • Anjana Singh, Groningen, The Netherlands. Indian Textiles in the Baltic: Possibilities for research using the STRO.
  • Klas Rönnbäck, Gothenburg, Sweden. Baltic shipping speed 1634-1857: an estimate using the Soundtoll Records Online.
  • Krzysztof Narojczyk, Poland. Estimates of maritime trade balance based on data of Sound Toll Registers.
  • Werner Scheltjens, Leipzig, Germany. The impact of Russia's foreign economic policy on the structure of Europe's Baltic trade, 1650-1850.
  • Paul Warde, Norwich, England. Sound Toll Registers and Customs compared: assessing the British potash trade through multiple sources, c.1560-1750.
  • Mogens Jensen, Grindsted, Denmark. The Sound Toll collectors and their work in the Helsingør tollhouse.
  • Pierrick Pourchasse, Brest, France.  French Trade with the Baltic between 1778 and 1795.
  • Arne Solli, Bergen, Norway. Long term trends in Baltic Hemp trade 1720-1850: Wars and technological changes