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Sound Toll Registers online (short: STR online) is the electronic database of the complete Sound Toll Registers (STR).

STR online is essentially an instrument of historical analysis. It is a reduction of an organic historical source. It is an interpretation of the STR and not a direct copy or a source edition. STR online is certainly a powerful instrument, but it has its limitations. The individual researcher must be aware of this when he or she makes use of it.

A pdf file with a concise source criticism of STR online is available here. 
A concise source criticism of the original STR is available here (page will be opened in a new window). 

STR online is a project of  the University of Groningen (RUG) and Tresoar, Frisian Historical and Literary Centre at Leeuwarden.
Scholarly support is rendered by the Danish National Archives, Copenhagen and the Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden.

STR online has been started in 2009. We aim at completion by 2017.
RUG and Tresoar have outsourced the data entry to Breed, the social workplace of Nijmegen and surroundings, for the period of 1634 – 1857. Entry of the remaining data is organized via a crowdsourcing project, where volunteers do enter the data of 1499 - 1634.

An interview in Dutch with one of the entry workers of Breed is available here (page will be opened in a new window).

An article about The Sound Toll Registers online in Dutch is available here (page will be opened in a new window).

The website of the volunteers project is available here (page will be opened in a new window)