Are you interested to participate in this challenging and fascinating project?

Please sign up via the contact form. You can also use the contact form if you first want to receive more information.

Both before and after signing up you can improve your reading skills by means of the exercises on the website (no logon needed).

When you think that you are equipped sufficiently to do the job, you can do a reading test. When you have passed this test you will be admitted to the input module and you can start entering data. In the manual “Working with the input module”  (link!) you can read more about logging in and working with the input module.

There are a number of documents available to support you with the data entry, the reading of the Sound Toll Registers and the understanding of measures and weights, monetary units, commodities etc. You can find these documents under the tab ‘Links’.

You will find several other ‘links’ there to documents supplying you with information you might find useful.

Not all questions can be answered in these documents. To support you and to facilitate contact between the participants there is a forum. On this forum questions and answers and any other relevant information can be shared. The direct address of the forum is:


Picture: The Thinker, Kopenhagen

Closing symposium 'Ten years of Sonttol registers Online'

January 31, 2020

Click here for the program


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