What is a passage?

The illustration below is an example of  a registration in the Sound Toll Registers of the years before 1634. After 1633 they have become more standardized with one registration per passage. Before 1634 the situation is more complex with often several registrations per passage, recorded in various sections of the toll book. Per section a part of the toll was recorded – for example for the ship, the cargo and the beacon tax.
We enter these various registrations separately. They include data like names, places, numbers and measurement units, commodities, taxes and the amounts of money. After they have been entered, we combine these registrations in a final process to form one passage.


Transcription: Cornelis Timensen v. Memling kom fran ibid. gaff for schibett i Ros. + D., haffde 39 lester 9 thønner sild i lest sebe ii Ggl. i ort,
Translation: Cornelis Timensen v. Memling comes from ibidem [Memling], gave for the ship 1 Rosenobel and ½ Daler, had 39 last and 9 tons of fish and 1 last soap, 2 Goldgulden and 1 ort. ( 1608, STR film 50,  scan 196)

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January 31, 2020

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