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Help on Handwriting, letters, numbers etc.

All links open in a new window. Some documents are rather big. It can take a while before they appear.


Handwriting, letters, numbers, currencies etc.:

- Examples from the STR, around 1627, upper case                                             (Writing_STR_uc.pdf)

- Examples from the STR, 2e half 16th century, upper case                                  (Writing_STR_uc_1550-1600.pdf)

- Examples from the STR, around 1627, lower case                                              (Writing_STR_lc.pdf)

- Roman numbers in the STR, and how to enter these                                          (Romans.pdf)

- Monetary units and their writing & symbols in the STR                                        (coins_STR.pdf)

- Expressions and abbreviations from the STR                                                       (expressions_abbreviations.pdf)

- Some information about currencies used in the Sound toll registers              (currencies in STRO)


Reading STR:

- Document ‘The writing of the Soundtoll Registers’, the writing of the STR, examples per letter, abbreviations and roman numerals

- Document ‘Data Entry, Examples 1557, complete reading exercises of written out.

- Document ‘Data Entry, Examples 1627, complete reading exercises of written out.


Further handwriting:

- Capitals in the 16th century (E. Kroman, Skriftens historie i Danmark, 1994) (capitals16c.pdf)

- Lowercase in the 16th century (E. Kroman)                                                            (lowercase16c.pdf)

- Capitals in the 17th and 18th century (E. Kroman)                                                (capitals17c18c.pdf)

- Lowercase in the 17th and 18th century (E. Kroman)                                           (lowercase17c18c.pdf)

- Roman and Arab numbers (E. Kroman)                                                                 (numbers.pdf)

- Some specials in the first half of the 17th century (E. Kroman)                          (somefh17c.pdf)

- Various: some abbreviations of words, months and coins  (E. Kroman)         (various.pdf)